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Your Passport To A Safety-First Culture

We develop strategic road maps and strong leadership capability. We help you to engage with your people, and drive up levels of ownership for safety, that promotes accurate risk management, compliance and communication, in turn ensuring that a safety-first approach is the primary responsibility of every employee.




Developing a safety-first culture is the right thing to do as it boosts the financial performance of any organisation. 

We develop strong leadership capability that transforms the mindset and behaviour of your people, and creates and embeds a safety-first and zero tolerance culture.

The demand for safer zero tolerance environments has never been higher. The myriad of global regulations pose challenges for all companies looking to protect their people, grow their portfolio or enter new markets. We develop leaders who can navigate this complex global environment and take control and establish clear standards and levels of accountability for health, safety and sustainability. They learn how to create safer working processes and practices, that drive a safety-first culture. 


Integrating AuditKind's health and safety software platform, enables real-time decision making, and helps leaders to eradicate non-compliance, incidents and near misses, and risk, through a process of continuous improvement and corrective action.



We develop leadership capability throughout the organisation, helping leaders to engage and onboard everyone, so every individual takes full ownership for health and safety and makes it their number one priority. It requires people to take accountability and to work under their own initiative, and to make autonomous safety-first decisions. That requires leaders to empower, let-go more and delegate and devolve decision making.

Adopting a transformational and zero-tolerance approach helps companies to transform their culture through a process of strategic development and engagement at every level in the organisation.


We can help you to craft and implement a strategy that forges a health and safety pathway for every employee. We can provide the necessary engagement and training, the development of processes, procedures and reporting structures, and ensure this is all underpinned by clearly defined and embedded safety-first values and behaviours. Every employee will own and feel responsible for making the right health and safety judgements at the righttime.

Leadership Support


Develop aligned strategies that transform leadership and your people's behaviours. 


Cultural engagement and training programmes to raise awareness. 


Leadership programmes that mobilise leaders and create a passion for safety. 


Real-time decision making using accurate data. Eradicate non-compliance and risk.

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Stay Safe & Get Sustainable Faster
AuditKind Software Platform





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Who We Partner & Collaborate With

& Tour Operators

Destination Management Companies

Excursions &

Consultancy and training solutions and leading edge auditing and incidents management software, and for your supply chain ensuring compliance.

Collaborating with DMCs and local tourist destinations to ensure robust safety practices and sustainability measures are in place.

End to end safety management programmes, and auditing, incident, risk and compliance solutions and training support and advice.

Companies Across

We work across industry - FMCG, food retail, leisure, facilities, construction, fashion, sport .. to develop safety systems and safety-first cultures..

What People Say
Used by the world's leading travel companies to support their health and safety and sustainability goals.

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Definitely the right decision to go with AuditKind. It's a great system, extremely easy to use, and excellent friendly customer support. Strongly recommended AuditKind to any company looking to audit their suppliers and ensure compliance.

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Safer, More Sustainable & More Profitable
When you partner with us everything we do is about making you safer and more sustainable and more profitable.

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