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World-class EHS inspection software and support inspiring a safety-first culture of excellence.
Reduce risk and costs, drive compliance, change behaviour and improve EHS performance. 

Powerful environmental, health & safety solution


Solutions that help you to achieve environmental, health and safety excellence, and change the mindset of your employees to drive a safety first culture. 


Health & Safety

Create mobile audits and inspections for any type of site, office, facility, process and piece of equipment to effectively identify risk hot spots and report and manage and reduce risk to prevent accidents, incidents, injuries and illnesses from occurring and to meet compliance requirements. More info..


The focus is on managing compliance and eradicating the damaging impacts on the environment, people, and society. The software helps meet high environmental standards, in line with global requirements and alongside the requirements of the local communities. More info..

Safety First Culture

Creating a positive safety-first culture. Engaging with all employees and changing behaviour to make the management of the environment and health and safety the responsibility of every employee, where employees motivate each other to act safely. More info..

Used by the world's leading companies ..

Getting results faster..

Auditkind drives faster improvements and results.


More accidents and incidents are reported


More audits and inspections, identifying more risk hot spots


Faster to complete an inspection leading to hours of time saved


More inspections completed due to in-built notifications and reminders


Better engagement levels and month on month improvements 

AuditKind optimises business EHS sustainability and performance, drives regulatory compliance and standards, and eradicates risk and reduces cost.

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