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Protecting our world & making it a safer place to be.

World-class health & safety and environment software.

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Powerful Environmental, Health & Safety Solutions


We’re in the business of providing peace of mind and our powerful environmental, health & safety solutions help health & safety teams to do just that. AuditKind's dynamic, build as you go auditing module ensures the very highest standards for health, safety and environmental compliance are met.


Our software targets and significantly reduces risk, helping to track and control viral contamination outbreaks, creating a zero tolerance safety-first culture.

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Get Results Faster...

AuditKind drives faster improvements and results.


More accidents and incidents are reported


More audits and inspections, identifying more risk hot spots


Faster to complete an inspection leading to hours of time saved


More inspections completed due to in-built notifications and reminders


Better engagement levels and month on month improvements 

Used by the world's leading companies...