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Safety, Sustainability, Security Consultancy & Training.

We help you to tackle the biggest health and safety and sustainability challenges with a variety of consultancy and training solutions. Whether setting up a new safety management system using smart data and new policies, or auditing your suppliers for you, or training your staff, we provide leading industry experts.

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We support the development and implementation of safety and sustainability strategies, in line with global standards and local regulatory requirements. We support all types of enterprises and help them to align their strategies to their business activities, and to then deliver the desired cultural impact.

Safety Management Systems

We can develop new, or assess and update existing safety management systems. We help you to establish the correct underpinning safety and risk management policies and procedures and ensure they are interwoven into every employee's journey and experience.

Crisis & Continuity Management

From time to time, companies face a crisis of some nature or unpredicted risks that cause disruption or interrupt the business. Our team has first hand experience of major incidents and crisis management. We develop with you crisis and continuity management plans, and clear escalation and contingency procedures by helping your people prepare and train for such an eventualities. 


Out Source Your Health & Safety

Our consultancy team can also manage and your health and safety requirements for you, or train your teams up. . We ensure you fully meet your due diligence and regulatory  requirements.



Auditing & Incidents

We train your teams on how to build, structure and compose audits, and construct the appropriate questions, and deploy incident reporting structures to drive towards zero tolerance. Using AuditKind provides access to a wide range of templates.

Auditkind Software Platform

The dynamic software platform helps you to efficiently audit, track incidents and accidents, and manage your sustainability, compliance and risk.


Industrial HSE Training

We also support the training of safety teams in safe systems of work, hazardous substances, asbestos, PPE, manual handling​, working at height, PUWER 1998,​ lifting operations​, noise, working in confined spaces and many more industrial safety areas.

Fragile & Hostile Environments

Bespoke training packages for people operating in fragile, hostile or remote environments. Our consultants have in-depth personal experience of operating in some of the worlds most hostile regions, including natural disaster and war zones. Consultancy and training support ranges from pre-travel safety and protection advice, to managing hostile environment trauma, kidnap and abduction to evacuation planning and procedures.

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Water Supply Contractor

Stay Safe & Get Sustainable Faster
AuditKind Software Platform





Supplier Audits
Companies & brands
Tours & excursions







Ports worldwide
Ships worldwide
Audits In 7 days
Fewer Incidents
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Who We Partner & Collaborate With

& Tour Operators

Destination Management Companies

Excursions &

Consultancy and training solutions and leading edge auditing and incidents management software, and for your supply chain ensuring compliance.

Collaborating with DMCs and local tourist destinations to ensure robust safety practices and sustainability measures are in place.

End to end safety management programmes, and auditing, incident, risk and compliance solutions and training support and advice.

Companies Across

We work across industry - FMCG, food retail, leisure, facilities, construction, fashion, sport .. to develop safety systems and safety-first cultures..

What People Say
Used by the world's leading travel companies to support their health and safety and sustainability goals.

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Definitely the right decision to go with AuditKind. It's a great system, extremely easy to use, and excellent friendly customer support. Strongly recommended AuditKind to any company looking to audit their suppliers and ensure compliance.

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Safer, More Sustainable & More Profitable
When you partner with us everything we do is about making you safer and more sustainable and more profitable.

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