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Protecting &
preserving our planet.

We are committed to sustainability, and we help organisations achieve their sustainability goals. Aligning your strategy with a sustainability measurement framework, ensures you meet recognised international sustainability standards. Bringing together disparate data, and human-driven activities provides a real time picture of sustainability performance.


Our aim is to help make our planet more sustainable by working with companies to continuously improve travel and tourism sustainability, and ensure more is given back than we take from our skies, our land and our oceans.

We work with our partners to adopt a sympathetic approach, coupled with diverse eco-development to counter at risk areas. We help travel companies to pursue well researched sustainability strategies that tackle the strains on travel infrastructure and services head on, and limit ecosystem damage, and enrich our planet.

AuditKind's software helps to support the implementation of comprehensive carbon measurement projects, designed to drive towards net zero emissions. AuditKind is used to  audit the sustainability of suppliers for a range of travel services including transportation, accommodation, food retail, excursions,  and venues. Overall sustainability and carbon footprint ratings are calculated for travel suppliers. Sustainability and carbon labeling then gives the consumer greater transparency about the environmental impact of their travel, and encourages travellers to consciously make greener choices.

Success demands an holistic approach. One that combines a clear strategic vision for the future, underpinned by a dynamic multi-dimensional plan and the right software platform to transparently measure sustainability.



We craft sustainability strategies and then turn them into reality through a series of SMART initiatives and actions. Protecting our planet for the future generations requires a proactive and commitment response, where companies pursue high value and impactful initiatives, such as these:

  • car hire firms transition towards electric and hybrid cars to meet increasing greener consumer demand

  • resorts support beach and coastal clear up operations

  • food outlets using bio-digesters and new composting technology

  • hotels provide accessible free water refill outlets

  • suppliers eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles

  • excursions focus directly on benefiting local people and marginalised groups

  • expeditions aid nature restoration and animal welfare

  • companies boost regional conservation and rewilding

  • excursions educate and protect heritage and culture

  • villa properties move towards sustainable solar power

  • heritage properties restored using sustainable materials

  • cruise company overhauls its sourcing of products and services

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Sustainability Support


Sustainability strategies, and policies frameworks inline with GSTC criteria.


Cultural engagement and training programmes to raise awareness. 


Use Auditkind to audit and measure sustainability compliance metrics.


Risk assessments of services carried out against international standards.


Sustainability audits to start measuring and rating supplier sustainability.


Measure suppliers carbon footprint and provide carbon labelling.


Audit and measure and identify sources of electrical, magnetic and high frequency radiation.


Air quality audit programmes to track and reduce harmful emissions.





H2O quality programmes through auditing to improve water safety & sourcing. 

Measure and reduce environmental noise and its harmful impact. 

Reduce refrigerant emissions through a structured refrigerant emissions programme.

Waste management and reduction programmes using new technologyies. 

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Stay Safe & Get Sustainable Faster
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Proud to Partner MSC Cruises
Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Leaving a better world for the next generations is central to our strategy and we are proud to partner MSC Crusies.

MSC Cruises is leading the way as it pursues its ambitious goal of decarbonising it's marine operations and achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This goes further than the current IMO (International Maritime Organisation) ambition of 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050.

Emissions are cut using exhaust cleaning technologies, LED lighting and smart climate control systems optimise energy, state of the art waste recycling and solid waste treatment technology reduces waste, 80% of fresh water is produced on board, new hull hydrodynamics reduces fuel consumption, advanced low noise propeller and hull design reduces noise, and engines are switched off in port using shore power technology. And with the transition to LNG powered ships this will cut C02 emissions by 25% and SOx emissions by 99%.

Sustainability actions also include careful procurement decision making to manage the environmental, social and ethical aspects in the supply chain. This includes large mechanical parts for ships right down to ingredients to feed thousands of people at a time, down to the smallest details, like toiletries, and medical items, needed in huge quantities to supply the fleet, crew and guests. 

Sustainability for MSC Cruises means protecting the environment, supporting the people who work with them, and choose to travel with them, as well as the communities and places that they visit and do business with. It is not just about cleaner greener cruise ships, but also about promoting responsible travel through their sustainable excursions.

AuditKind will help to continue to raise sustainability awareness with travel suppliers, and audit for sustainability practices,, carbon footprint, responsible sourcing, and the level of inward investment into local coastal communities to ensure this continues to remain positive.

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Who We Partner & Collaborate With

& Tour Operators

Destination Management Companies

Excursions &

Consultancy and training solutions and leading edge auditing and incidents management software, and for your supply chain ensuring compliance.

Collaborating with DMCs and local tourist destinations to ensure robust safety practices and sustainability measures are in place.

End to end safety management programmes, and auditing, incident, risk and compliance solutions and training support and advice.

Companies Across

We work across industry - FMCG, food retail, leisure, facilities, construction, fashion, sport .. to develop safety systems and safety-first cultures..

Safer, More Sustainable & More Profitable
When you partner with us everything we do is about making you safer and more sustainable and more profitable.

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