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Anywhere, anytime, user language preferences, complete inspections on any mobile or tablet device.


Seamless integration into your business software systems. Transmit and share data.  

Developing a Safety-First Culture

The biggest single performance differentiator is culture. We are in the business helping businesses create a positive safety-first culture.

We help companies transform their culture through a process of engagement, visioning, values and behaviours. We help to create cultures where the management of the environment and of health and safety is the responsibility of every employee and where employees have the courage to motivate each other to act safely.

Neuroscience and a safety-first culture



Our neuroscientific approach helps leaders achieve better levels of sustainable engagement, acceptance and implementation. Our approach goes beyond cognitive behaviour and equips leaders with the capability to shape and sustain positive HSE by understanding the interconnectivity of the brain, mind and behaviour.

This approach develops a sustainable and high performing health and safety-first culture reducing risk and costs, whilst improving working conditions and mental health.

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Culture is king! Become the benchmark in your industry


HSE is a strategic priority for most companies and culture is the biggest single performance differentiator, yet many struggle to transform their culture. Find out how to achieve sustainable engagement, acceptance and implementation and performance.  

Data is everything..



Our safety-first culture solution combines a unique methodology and AuditKind and implemented by a team of the world's leading SHE professionals, to develop the right leadership behaviour and employee competency supported by accurate real-time HSE data.


We help you to ensure everyone in your organisation takes ownership for your health and safety. It requires people to take accountability and to work under their own initiative to make safety-first decisions .       

Find out how you can develop a zero tolerance and proactive preventative approach to health and safety,

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Leading behaviours dashboard

Track your leadership behaviour, through engagement, compliance and visibility dashboard metrics. 

Getting results faster..

Auditkind drives faster improvements and results.


More accidents and incidents are reported


More audits and inspections, identifying more risk hot spots


Faster to complete an inspection leading to hours of time saved


More responses due to in-built notifications and reminders


Better engagement levels and month on month improvements 

AuditKind optimises business EHS sustainability and performance, drives regulatory compliance and standards, and eradicates risk and reduces cost.

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