AuditKind optimises business EHS sustainability and performance, drives regulatory compliance and standards, and eradicates risk and reduces cost.

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Use templates and our drag and drop feature and range of question types to quickly build inspections.


Seamless integration into your business software systems. Transmit and share data.  

Health & Safety Inspection Software

Equipping health and safety teams with a dynamic mobile build as you go inspection and tracking software for all operational requirements.

Worldclass Inspection & Tracking Software


The world's leading inspection software. Combining intuitive user interfaces, customised inspections, best practice workflows and powerful reporting analytics.

Accidents & Incidents Software

User-friendly software to record, report, track and investigate incidents, accidents and injuries. 
Full transparency to analyse data and drive down incident rates and create a safety first culture.

The right capabilities and features

An extensive range of capabilities and features providing a customised solution for any organisation looking to drive compliance and improve performance and success.. more features

Easily Adapted to Your Business

Each solution is easily adapted to your unique business requirements.  We work with you to ensure that the solution exactly meets your needs. 


Use the template builder to create mobile friendly audits and inspections in minutes. Select from a wide range of questions and field types and use simple drag and drop functionality to reorder and create parent and child relationships.

Import & Convert Existing Checklists

Import existing paper based checklists and spreadsheets and convert to mobile-friendly inspections and audits.

Create New Audits & Inspections

Quickly add categories and questions, question types and response fields, set risk ratings and scores. 

Use Pre-Built Checklist Template

Use pre-built checklists to speed up the process, modify and build new checklists in minutes. 

Add Various Data Fields & Question Types

Choose and add from a range of fields and question types to

collect better inspection and accident and incident data.


Customise your data response collation for inspections and accident and incident reporting by selecting from a wide range of data fields and question types.


Standard Yes/No/NA question with unlimited custom responses 

Radio List

Respondents to select a single choice from a list.


Obtain local currency based responses to ascertain fiscal value

Multiple Choice

Create predefined multiple choice lists generating single response.


Ask questions to gain a numerical value response

Text Field

Ask questions to obtain a free text based data entry response 

Checkbox List

Selection multiple responses from a custom list of choices.

Date & Calendar

Ask questions to ascertain a calendar date response 

File Upload

Upload all file types as supporting documentation and evidence


Use the template builder to create mobile friendly audits and inspections in minutes. Select from a wide range of questions and field types and use simple drag and drop functionality to reorder and create parent and child relationships and develop accident and incident forms.

Mandatory Questions

Make any questions mandatory and prevent completion and submission until answered.

Conditional Visibilities

Use conditional logic to hide and show questions and fields based on previous responses.

Copy Templates

Copy existing templates and live inspections and rename and re-use.

Email Communication

Set up email communications using in-built templates within the system. 


Built in user language preference from over 30 languages.

Set Security Permissions

Set up roles and set permissions and editing and

access rights.

Add Disclaimers

Add legal disclaimers, notices, terms of use statements and agreements easily.

Tableau Integration

Integrate and manipulate AuditKind data with


Take Photos

Take photos on your mobile device during an inspection and attach them to.

Service Types 

Simply add and inspect any service type, facility or building, operation anywhere. 

Power BI

Integrate and manipulate AuditKind data with

Power BI.

Digital Signature

Confirm and submit information with a digital signature. 


Getting results faster..

Auditkind drives faster improvements and results.


More accidents and incidents are reported


More audits and inspections, identifying more risk hot spots


Faster to complete an inspection leading to hours of time saved


More inspections completed due to in-built notifications and reminders


Better engagement levels and month on month improvements