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Protecting &

preserving our planet.

​Helping organisations become sustainable leaders & truly conscious companies.

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A More Sustainable Approach

Our focus is on managing environmental compliance and eradicating the detrimental impacts on the environment, people and society. AuditKind helps companies meet high environmental standards, in line with global requirements and alongside local legislation.


We care about our planet and our aim is to support companies in their quest to become sustainable leaders through the use of AuditKind. AuditKind helps to motivate and mobilise an entire workforce, change behaviour and drive towards a more sustainable culture.

Let us support you on your sustainability journey

Use AuditKind to manage all aspects of your sustainability journey. Powerful auditing, monitoring and dashboard reporting and analytics make leading environmentally easier. 

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Environmental Audits & Inspections

Create environmental audits and inspections in minutes and start evaluating and monitoring your sustainability journey.

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Pollution & Emissions 

Start an air quality audit programme to track and reduce emissions that are harmful to health and wellbeing.


Refrigerant Measurement & Control

Start refrigerant audits and reduce emissions through a structured refrigerant emissions programme.

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Analytics, Dashboard Reporting & KPIs

Powerful dashboard reporting, analytics, trend data to identify performance and opportunities.

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& Quality

Start an active water quality programme through systematic water quality auditing to improve safety and legally comply. 


Waste &

Recycle Management

Audit and review current methods for waste handling and recycling, and make improvements to your waste management.

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Field Data

Audit EMF and identify potential EMF sources by measuring electrical, magnetic and high frequency radiation.

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Pollution & Reduction

Track and reduce environmental noise and its harmful impact on human and animal lives. 

Get Results Faster...

AuditKind drives faster improvements and results.


More accidents and incidents are reported


More audits and inspections, identifying more risk hot spots


Faster to complete an inspection leading to hours of time saved


More inspections completed due to in-built notifications and reminders


Better engagement levels and month on month improvements 

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